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Permanent Exhibits

The Buffalo Bill Museum features over 3000 sq. ft. of exhibit space focusing on the life, times, and legacy of William "Buffalo Bill" Cody. 80% of the space is devoted to permanent exhibits. These tell the story of Buffalo Bill and how his legacy developed. A temporary (link to page jump) exhibit area offers a new display every fall, thus providing a new look and new story for frequent visitors. Visitors are invited to tour at their own pace, enjoying videos and exploring our interactive exhibit areas. An introductory video provides an overview of Cody and a history of the Museum and Park.

Listing of Permanent Exhibits

The Buffalo Bill Story
Based on the latest research about Buffalo Bill, includes rare and never-before-seen artifacts including the Stetson hat worn by Buffalo Bill at the last performance before his death. Other rare artifacts include a peace pipe that belonged to Sitting Bull and the head of the last buffalo shot by Buffalo Bill. Posters, photographs and archival materials supplement the many artifacts in the exhibit that belonged to Buffalo Bill. Visitors also can hear early recordings of Buffalo Bill’s voice introducing the Wild West show and the “Buffalo Bill Farewell March,” played during the 1912 performance season.

Buffalo Bill’s Death
Twenty thousand people were in attendance when Buffalo Bill was buried on Lookout Mountain in 1917. This exhibit provides many of the little known details leading up to the following the spectacle.

Buffalo Bill's burial on Lookout Mountain

A Visit to the Wild West
Posters, programs, famous performers, exciting acts ... these are all components of Buffalo Bill's Wild West. This exhibit explores each of these components, and more. At the end of the display, you can learn whether or not the Wild West visited your town, or perhaps the home of your ancesters. Who, in your life, might have made a visit to the Wild West?

The Americans
Buffalo Bill’s relationship with American Indians evolved during his lifetime. Originally a scout during the Indian wars, he later became an advocate for American Indians and was well known for treating them with equality and respect during his years with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West.

Firearms were an important part of the American West. This exhibit features two displays, one focusing on guns belonging to, or relating back to, Buffalo Bill and the Wild West, and the second featuring weaponry favored by native Americans of that time.

Kids’ Cowboy Corral
Design a brand, dress as a cowboy, sit in a saddle and try to lasso a calf! This interactive area offers hands-on fun for children of all ages.

This interactive area of the museum is hands-on fun.

Portrait of Buffalo Bill Cody

Buffalo Bill: The Showman

Native American Head-dress


The firearms display at the museum.

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